September 20, 2021

Oreo Cake (Cookies and Cream Cake)

Say hello to the newest member of my cake collection: this beautiful black and white Oreo Cake! You’ll love this fluffy, made-from-scratch white cake peppered with cookie pieces and covered in a cookies & cream-style frosting (easy decorating tips included!). Notes are included in the recipe to make it as a two-layer or a three-layer cake, and a video is included!

slice of three layer oreo cake on white plate

I hope you’re not getting tired of seeing cakes around here! I’ve been on a roll recently… red velvet cake, bundt cake, lemon cake… and now today’s Oreo cake. All recipes with plush, soft, amazingly tender crumbs that are light, springy, fluffy… the adjectives could go on forever. 

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