September 18, 2021

Cookie Dough Frosting

Today I’m sharing a sweet and simple recipe for Cookie Dough Frosting! This recipe is made without eggs and I’ll tell you how to easily heat-treat your flour so you can enjoy the taste of cookie dough without worry! A super easy frosting recipe!

Cookie dough frosting on chocolate cupcake

I’ve always thought that the best part of any cake or cupcake was the frosting, but today’s cookie dough frosting recipe is taking my love of icings to a whole new level.

Not too sweet, this recipe has all of the flavor of traditional cookie dough. It’s thick enough to be perfect for piping, can be thinned enough to spread easily over any cake, has the body/textural feel of real cookie dough, but isn’t so gritty that you feel like you’re eating sand. 

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