September 17, 2021

Chiffon Cake

My soft and springy chiffon cake recipe has a light, melt-in-your mouth crumb that’s delicate, but not so delicate that it falls apart. It requires a bit of technique, but nothing that you can’t handle if you read through the steps carefully (and check out my how-to video if you’re a visual learner!).

Golden chiffon cake with white glaze surrounded by a pink and yellow flower

Have you ever tried a chiffon cake before?

This light and airy cake is slightly heavier than its sister, the angel food cake, thanks to the fact that it incorporates plenty of fat by way of oil and egg yolks (unheard of to the pristine, fat-free angel food cake). Its sponge is slightly heavier and more tender, but still deliriously soft, springy, and melt-in your mouth.

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