September 19, 2021

Chantilly Cake

Today I’m so excited to be sharing my version of the well-loved Chantilly Cake! Start with a super soft, from-scratch vanilla cake, fill it with a (quick & easy) fresh homemade jam and finish everything off with an incredible whipped cream cheese/mascarpone frosting! Recipe includes a how-to video!

Three layer chantilly cake with berry filling on white plate surrounded by fruit and more cake

This is a super soft, plush cake (that stays soft, even in the fridge!) filled with a fresh berry jam and cloaked in a whipped mascarpone frosting. I’ve taken my own liberties with this well-loved Chantilly cake and I think you’ll love this completely from-scratch, irresistible version that’s perfectly sweetened and tempered with the bright flavor of fresh summer berries.

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